Choosing the shower surfaces is an essential step, as indeed the style of the whole room will depend on this choice.

Thanks to Santamargherita’s Marble and Quartz solutions and its customisation service, it is possible to create spectacular settings in the shower. To explain this in practical terms, we have created settings with geometric designs that best enhance the colours and shapes.

Let’s start with the geometry of the moment, the ZIG-­‐ZAG, where two contrasting colours alternate, creating defined waves for a trendy optical effect in Quartz. It comes in two versions: the first one in shades of white and blue, created by using SM Quartz – Sky Stardust and SM Quartz – White Stardust; the second in timeless black and white, created with SM Quartz – Contract Black and SM Quartz – White Stardust.

The other proposal, 45°, features an elegant design in Marble consisting of warm colours, in shades of brown, red and pink, perfect to embellish the room. In the bolder version with SM Marble – Rasotica, Rosso Verona, Rosa del Garda and Rosa Perlino and in the softer version with SM Marble – Rasotica, London, Paris and Brera.

Finally, the latest proposal, LUI & LEI, is an ironic solution, featuring pink and light blue tones, consisting of a mix of Marbles and Quartz, ideal for shared bathrooms, where colour is in the foreground with respect to geometry. This solution features SM Marble  -‐ Arabescato Bianco, Brera and SM Quartz – Sky Sturdast.

By following these examples or creating new ones, you can indulge your imagination, creating unique and perfect showers. There are many possibilities, from totally custom-made elegant private bathrooms to luxury Spas where surprising the guest is the priority. Santamargherita Marble and Quartz will help you get a TOP result!

INTERIOR DESIGN + by Valentina Malevolti & Martina Mustur