A kitchen that stands out, designed with the creativity of 81font, the Hungarian architectural firm founded in 2006 by Péter Szendrő DLA. The indisputable stars of the scene are SM Marble – Palladio Fenice, used for the kitchen counter, the backsplash and the shelves, and SM Marble – Vendome, for the flooring.

An interesting choice is the use of green, which dominates the room and characterises the structure of the kitchen. Green is also included in the granules of the floor and the kitchen counter, making the room streamlined and vibrant. Wooden table and chairs give the room warmth and help create a place natural charm.

The rooms are skilfully managed with a solution that separates the kitchen from the living area. In addition to the structure that encloses the kitchen area, the SM Marble – Vendome floor also helps visually mark the kitchen-living room division.

But the two spaces are not so finely separately. They communicate through mutual allusions. If the wood of the table and chairs is also featured in the parquet floor of the living room, the structure of the kitchen ideally continues into the niche of the living room which houses a green shelving unit. The niche also features precious details in SM Marble – Vendome.

A single room, two different areas sharing the same theme.